Monday, 7 September 2015

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Dream Diaries - #4

This time I was going to Tim Hortons. I was at my family farm and took the Ranger (basically a 4-wheeled off-road vehicle) and went on my way. The Tim Hortons I went to was down my lane, to the right, and in the position that the town's restaurant was at (the Marlborough). I parked and went inside, thankfully beating a rush hour of people I knew from my Church. While I was going up the line, I noticed a police car was -oddly enough,- parked inside the building and I became nervous as I thought he'd call me out for driving a vehicle on the road that wasn't meant to be on the road (but he didn't). I ordered a coffee and two triple chocolate cookies which came up to about $30. I inquired as to why it was so expensive and as I was doing so the line became angry, so instead I was asking about the price while I proceeded to pay which seemed the calm them down. The girl with dark, black hair at the counter said I could come around back and things would be explained. My order was placed on the counter with an extra coffee, so I took two coffees and two cookies, and then I went around back. The girl led me out a side entrance beside the line up, then back in through the door I originally came through, then we turned right in to a sort of club-like section. We proceeded down wide hallways with things like dance floors and bars at each section and as we went further, the sections became more extravagant (as well as the people in them) and the girl with me started moving faster. Eventually I lost the person and I came to a dead end.

I suddenly found myself outside a building in a garden-like place. There was a bike locked to a bike rack, and I noticed a group of police were running towards me. I felt panicked and started lock picking the bike's lock and eventually unlocked it. I took the bike and rode away and none of the police were able to catch up to me. I was biking alongside a road with a large bridge in the distance to my right that went over a river/lake. The girl that was with me previously was biking up beside me and started explaining that I was suspected of committing a crime, so I was supposed to be led somewhere and set up to be caught red handed.

Then I woke up.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Dream Diaries - #3

The first part is nothing special, it was about my old Runescape account. It got reset and I was at a point where I was poor and with few items, how odd...

The next part I found myself to be at home. I went in my garage and saw that there was an entrance to a bunker, and the keypad to open the door had a piece of paper above it with the code on it. I went outside and found myself to be somewhere unfamiliar. There was a big open area with hills to my left and houses sparsely spaced apart from each other to my right. As I walked I ran in to a strange person who gave me a hammer shaped piece of wood, more accurately it looked like a couple of two by fours nailed in to a T shape. Whenever I used it, it would raise anyone from the dead that was buried around me. The raised person wouldn't really do anything, they'd just stand there. I followed the strange person and kept asking questions about the hammer wood, but he'd answer none of them. For some reason, as I followed the strange person I felt the need to keep him and the hammer hidden from those that I passed, especially my family. Some time went on and some organization found out I had the hammer wood, so they brought me in to their organization. I was back at home and an alarm went off, I didn't know what the alarm was for but I went to the bunker and saw that it was for that. I entered along with someone I didn't recognize (probably someone from the organization). The bunker had stairs going down and then went right in to an area with a keypad on the left, an open area down the hall, and a door on the right about halfway down the hall. When I went in I went to the keypad to enter the code to disable the alarm but couldn't get it right, then the person that went with me entered the code and asked me why I wouldn't have known it when it was posted right at the entrance. At that point I realized that's why the alarm went off (someone saw the code, used it, and was able to enter, perhaps it was a booby trap code?). Suddenly the entrance closed and a countdown went off which felt like imminent danger was coming. We tried the code but it wouldn't work, then the person with me told me to go to a door on the right and break open some noise port just past it when you go through it, which I did and he came and took something out of it. He opened the door and we left. Next thing I knew I was in a car and we had to go unnoticed, so we started shrinking, but my perception of how big things were didn't change, only from where I was looking was changed.

We were driving under some cars after shrinking, then I woke up.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Dream Diaries - #2

This was a dream I had today. I can't recall the first section of my dream, but I remember the second and third.

I was at some sort of bridge between two sections of land. There was a crowd gathered at one end and some enforcing body keeping them from crossing (probably police). I leisurely walked past the crowd and police which seemed to upset the people being held back. I got half way down the bridge and laid under a tree. I went to some third person perspective and a purple haired girl was floating above me with her hands at the sides of my head. For some reason I felt as though she was trying to alter my mind, so I grabbed her hands and tried stopping her from touching the sides of my head, then I went to the next section of my dream.

I remember seeing a parking lot outside of a church and I was with my Uncle Les. The parking lot was about half full and we entered the church. We were sitting at the front-left where a small row of people were on stage in front of us performing or something. One of them started attacking in some way and I was sitting with a staff, knowing I couldn't interfere unless it was absolutely necessary. I eventually intervened and stopped things from getting worse, then I woke up.

Dream Diaries - #1

So this is a new thing I'll be starting. As of late I've been having some peculiar dreams that I don't normally have, so I thought I'd start writing them down before I forget them.

This dream I had happened about a week ago and had a few different sections to it. The first section I recall was me in a sort of pool like environment (floors were tiled, and the place felt damp). I'd come out of some corridor, but not by walking, but by floating by holding one of my legs up. I'd head to hallway that was a ramp that went down pretty steep (probably 45 degrees or so) and then would curve sharply without levelling off until after curving 180 degrees. Once I passed that area I felt as though I went through a challenge, and each time I failed, I would be placed back at the corridor I first mentioned (which happened a few times).

The next section of my dream, I felt as though I was in Richmond (personal place I know) by the arena, except the arena was replaced by two apartment buildings (or it was one, I'm not 100% sure). I was in a car driving away from the arena with my friends and we passed by a place where a parade was previously held, we decided to turn around sharply to go to that area in hopes of finding some left over candy (for whatever reason). We stopped and started searching, and while I was searching I headed over a small hill where I found a girl sitting in a chair. She asked me "why do we call it a tool?" I some how knew she was talking about words and why we use obscure ones to describe something. I replied that it was easier, and if needed we could use more specific words. Then I went on to describe something can be a tool and a phone at the same time. After I said this, the apartment building started to collapse, but only the upper half which came falling over the road. I went inside the remains of the apartment building to a desk, and that's where this section ended.

The last section of my dream was me entering my house (or my grandparent's house, it felt like both of them), and my family being down the hall. At that point I woke up, but what's most strange about this section is that things felt as real and as sharp as real life, it was the most clear dream I've ever had.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Don't you think?

Isn't it interesting? Sadness is unique to an individual, and yet happiness spreads wherever it is.


Isn't it funny? I wrote the above sentence some time ago and planned to finish the rest of this post later. I've come to the conclusion that happiness isn't infectious, it's something to be jealous about.

The more I find myself to be in a state of happiness, the more I see others not wanting it to be that way. Expectations of others is to have other people's well being equal to their own if not below it. People expect others to resolve their problems and expect that person to resolve their own path to accomplish that. This being said, I find it interesting, interesting that we live in a world of self-centred thinking, it's what makes us unique I guess.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Find your future; Live in the present; Remember your past.